April 18, 2016
Hammersmith Sunset

When it comes to my nighttime routine, I am fiercely loyal to it. This was not always the case, but after struggling and living with random bouts of insomnia that can last for months at a time, you can understand why I am so protective of my sleepy-time.

For myself, consistency is key. I find that if I deviate too far from the norm, I may tip the delicate scales that is a good night’s sleep.

I usually begin my routine around 8:30 pm. I am a evening shower lover, so after I take my makeup off, I hop into the shower and wash the day away. Once that’s done, I brush my teeth, comb my hair and get into some cozy pj’s.

On my beside table I have my Lumie clock, which I set to full light. I then begin the face care regime. This part is my favourite! I use my face oil or ‘beauty essence’ first, then let it sink in for a minute or two before putting on my face cream. I then put some lip balm on, and that’s it for the face! Moving on to my hands, using my cuticle oil pen, I dab my cuticles and massage that in and then add my hand cream, which smells like a spa. The hand cream’s scent is a sleepy-time trigger for me. As soon as I smell it, I begin to feel sleepy and relaxed.

Once 9:30 hits, I press the sunset button on my Lumie light, and either read, journal or listen to an audiobook/podcast until the light is out in 30 minutes. If I’m listening to an audiobook/podcast, I set the sleep timer so I’m not woken up by someone talking in the middle of the night! It’s happened before, and it was very confusing- haha!

It may seem a bit much, but it really doesn’t take much time and I look forward to it each night! It is also an aspect of self care for me, so each night I feel like I’ve taken the time to value and care for myself. It’s a nice feeling!

I should also note, that I’m really cutting back on shows before bed. I used to love falling asleep to the tv, but I keep that to a treat on the weekends now, when I know I have a lazy morning the next day.


Do you have a nighttime routine? What is your favourite part of it?




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