April 25, 2016
Gluten Free Life

Gluten. What a fickle friend she is! These days, everyone and their dog is having issues in varying degrees with it. In my family alone, three people are officially diagnosed with it.

I’ve recently had some blood work done to see what’s going on in this body of mine. I’ve had some crazy sexy symptoms, all of which point to gluten or inflammation issues.

My symptoms include the following:



-brain fog

-hair loss (this one was intense for me emotionally. I love my hair!!!)

-rash/eczema on hands

-weak nails

-bloating / gas

-low energy/ 3 hour naps needed




-mucus in lungs/ chest cold

– constant cold hands/ feet

While the blood work came back clean on all fronts (it was a very in depth screening for several things), I am still going to do a two week gluten fast to test the waters.

During my first year of college in Sydney, I was a full vegetarian. It was the healthiest and most energy filled time of my life. While chatting with my own Health Coach and doctor, I realized that I was also unintentionally eating a gluten free diet. All the carbs I consumed were legumes, brown rice and quinoa. I was really into clean eating and whole foods. Barely any junk food passed my lips.

When my poor college self splashed out on a pizza and movie night with the girls, I always felt a bit ‘meh’ after eating it and assumed it was because it was a junk food treat.

If after the two weeks I notice an improvement, I will continue on with the gluten free life. I’d rather have my health and energy back, over the ease of having a gluten filled diet.

What about you guys, anyone experiencing the same thing? I’d love to hear in the comments below how you’re dealing with the change over to a gluten free lifestyle, and any tips you may have to help me out!




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