May 9, 2016
Wimbledon Park

Today, I’d like to announce the new love of my life…BarreCore! It has taken me a year to get my tush into a Barre class, and after multiple attempts, on Sunday it finally happened!

I went to the Wimbledon location inside the Sweaty Betty and it was instantly a great experience. Friendly staff, a lovely instructor and cheery workout buddies!

I did make sure I introduced myself to the instructor and made it known that I was a total nube and would most likely be lost, and taking it all in in the back of the studio. She was very kind and came over a few times during the class to correct my form or to encourage me.

For those that may not know, barre is a ballet style workout that will kick your booty into summer shape in no time! It was intense, but not in a, “I’m never coming back!”, kind of way. There was a large focus on legs/bum, but the flow from arms, abs and lower body was smooth and felt natural. I will say, that it will take me at least another 1-2 classes before I feel confident with the moves and what the heck the instructor means when she says, “time to become a human pretzel, ladies!” (insert shocked and confused emoji face here)

I loved the encouragement of having an instructor there pushing you harder than you would on your own. I loved how quickly the hour went because they made it fun through music and changing the pace enough to not get bored, or focusing too long on one area of the body.  The health benefits are numerous, but their site had a handy little image that sums it up quite well.


I’ve committed to one class per week, as my current schedule is daily 10km walks and 2x week strength training from home.

I’d love to know if anyone has tried a Barre class, and how you feel about it! Is it something you’ve thought about?



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